Sunday Summary: Hello February

IMG_3673Hello peeps! Can you believe it’s already February? Last year, February was a freaky month, weather-wise, I hope this year remains cool and collected… I hope.

So, here in the US it was Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t understand football so I didn’t watch it. GASP! I know, so unamerican ūüėÜ However, I am a markerter by trade so I am looking forward to checking out all the ads; and see how well (or not) companies spent $4.5 million for 30 seconds of air time. Anywho, I’m betting Doritos did pretty well. Mmmmmm Doritos.

So… no Super Bowl for me. How was my Sunday? Pretty standard. After not eating too great all week I started the day with an apple, carrot, orange, and blueberry juice. Lunch was fish, mushrooms, plantain, and cabbage and carrot salad with a glass of cold green tea with lemon. I went to the gym, which was as expected pretty empty, and did an hour of zumba. My snack was some dark chocolate and almonds. Dinner was a slice of oatmeal banana bread and hot green tea.

FYI- February is Black History Month. I don’t want to get political but, one month, really? And the shortest one? really? Anyhow, it’s a good excuse to learn some US History or simply appreciate the work of an African American writer, painter, musician, historian, soldier, activist, poet… take your pick. I’ll be reading¬†I know why the caged bird sings¬†by Maya Angelou, and go from there.

On that note, my 2015 reading challenge is finally picking up speed. This week I finished¬†1Q84, and read Heft, and The DUFF¬†(the book is better than the movie). According to Goodreads I am still one book behind schedule but it should not be too hard to catch up. I am on a mission. I am currently just about half-way through¬†The Husband’s Secret¬†by Liane Moriarty. So far, so very good.


spartan30_pushup_calendar_psI am doing #spartan30 the pushup challenge and will attempt to do 30 pushups every day. I started today and the first 20 were OK but the last 10 were rough. Of course, I am doing the modified version (knees down) so I hope that by the end I can do at least 1/3 on my toes. That’s the goal anyway. Care to join? Click on the image and drop and give me 30!

cupids-chase-5k-37I will be earning my second running bib on Valentine’s Day at Cupid’s Chase 5K. This fun and quasi-romantic race takes place in several cities across the country and they are running a BOGO 1/2 off right now. Click here for the whole scoop. Next week I’ll be running 1 mile on Monday, 1.5 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 2.5 on Thursday, and 5K on Friday. If that goes well, I’ll repeat the following week in preparation for this run.

safe_imageFebruary 21st will be the end of Round #1 on Dietbet. Oh! The nerves! I have to admit that I have not been doing as well as I would like. I hope that this coming week is better. I’ll be increasing my workout time and making some changes to my meal plan. Hopefully that does the trick. Also, I am getting started with MobileFIT. I’ve never been really good at tracking things online (I’m more old school) but I am open to new things so here we go.

Weekly Words of Wisdom
(becuase Valentine’s Day)


and don’t foret to¬†wear red¬†on Friday.


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