Sunday Summary: Love Your Body

preventionfeb2015Hello peeps! This month’s Prevention will definitely come to pass as one of my favorites. It is filled with great bits of advice and healthy tips. I was particularly inspired by their It’s Time To Honor REAL article highlighting the importance of loving your body at any age (and any size).

The article shares the experiences of 10 women of different body types and ages ranging from 33 to 63. They are all incredibly insightful and inspiring. Here are the three quotes that lingered… with my thoughts:

"When your primary focus is to have the smallest body possible, your life will shrink too."Kari, 33.

Lately, my weight has reached a stand still. I go up/down/up and it’s very frustrating. Frankly, it’s pissing me off! 😡 And I realize that I can’t allow the scale to own me. I can’t allow my weight to boss me around. I can’t let this be my primary focus… nor my secondary really.

"Everything changed when I finally stopped the negative self-talk." Greta, 41.

I realize that the lack of “progress” on the scale has been making me feel like a failure. I have been engaging in some serious negative self-talk and falling back into bad habits where I create this fake person who’s fun and happy. I perform for others while burying my feelings in junk food; primarily dark chocolate (at least it’s dark, right? probably not right.)

"Don't expect changes you make on the outside to solve the changes you need to make on the inside." Erica, 33.

Oh Erica, yep! this is probably what I’ve inadvertently been doing. I need to remember that I am not a size or a number on a scale. This obese body of mine is a wonderful body. The negative self-talk is definitely something I have to work on. Something on the inside that needs changing.

Well peeps… thanks for letting me rant. Overall, this week I realized that I have some things to work on. My food choices were mostly bad. My meals were mostly good but my snacks were terrible. HOWEVER! This obese body of mine exercised nearly 11 hours this week which included three short runs totaling 4.5 miles. Not bad, not bad at all.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


PS. There are plenty of runs happening on Valentine’s Day. I’ll be doing Cupid’s Chase 5K. Enjoy the festivities responsibly. 😀


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