Sunday Summary: Hello March

Hello-march-beautiful-imageHello peeps! I am so excited… It’s March, Spring is just around the corner and the weather will allow me to go back to the park, and running outdoors (at decent temperatures). I can hardly wait.

I am happy to report that I dropped 4.6 pounds this week. Like I mentioned last week, I signed up into MobileFit via my local Y and decided to follow the dietary recommendations. I set a goal of losing one pound a week and chose a low cholesterol diet. The program spit out a 1500-cal/day menu which I have used as a guide to create a new menu plan. I was shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning. SHOCKED! I feel like I have been eating so much this week and yet I made incredible progress. I continue to learn on this journey and the lesson is that your body needs fuel to burn. I need to eat, eat smart, but eat.

So freaking happy!

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 4.49.15 PM

What’s Happening in March?

happy-first-birthdayMarch 3rd is The Extra Pounds birthday… I can’t wait to review my old posts and thank all the friends I have made since I started this little side project.

I look forward to reviewing the most popular posts, re-reading old comments, and perhaps revisiting old promises. And I’ll have to give a lot of thanks to the people who have been visiting since the beginning and have stuck with my little piece of virtual real estate.

frugal_fabulousOn Saturday, March 7th, I have a date with my local consignment store for their biannual $10 Bag Sale. Proceeds fund scholarship for girls and I have a good time getting clothes in diferent sizes to keep me covered while I continue to lose weight. It’s a win win! When it comes to clothes I love buying used/slightly used. I rarely buy anything new nowadays and with $20 I can get quite a bit. My last shopping spree at my local Goodwill store included a pair of LOFT red pants, three workout tees, and two casual shirts. Grand total, $16. Click here for my tips on shopping during weightloss.

safe_imageRound #2 of Dietbet will take place on Saturday, March 21st. I currently have 19 days to lose 12.4 lbs. to win this month’s pot. I admit that even with the amazing loss I had this week, I don’t think I will make it but I honestly don’t care about that right now. As long as I keep moving in the right direction I am happy. About the game, I’m striving to catch up by Round #3 and maybe win the final pot. That would be awesome.

SHINEOn Saturday, March 28th, I’ll be running The Color Run 5K. I am so excited about this because I have a team and it’s the SHINE tour… so not just color but glitter and the weather will be so nice (crossing my fingers). I am so looking forward to sharing this with my friends and having fun, and continue making progress on my 2015 resolution to run a 5K every month and collect 12 race bibs.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


with love, Toni.


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