Sunday Summary: New Experiences

Hello peeps! This has been an interesting week with a lot of firsts: 1. I went on my first online dating date. 2. I tried a cycling class.  3. I attended a bodybuilding competition. 4. I got a fitbit.

So, I have a confession to make. Those who have been reading this blog for a while might remember that I once created a profile but never paid for the subscription. Well, last week I decided to finally give it a real try so I paid a 3-month subscription. 😯

I had five emails sitting in my inbox which I was finally able to read. Three out of the five had very little in common with me and I politely replied “thanks but no thanks” (I was nice, I promise). One was a little older but I figured better give it a chance so on Tuesday I went on my first date in ages… years… it’s been years. I have to admit to you that although the guy is really great, he is certainly not my type but it was fun to be out and about again. I already have another “date” scheduled for next weekend and I’m working out a time and place for a third prospect.

OK… that’s it for now. I will report back with more stories as they occur. For now I haven’t really been able to assess what it’s like. Also, my liberal political leanings and lack of religiosity really limit my options here in southeastern United States. I’m still trying to decide if that is a good or bad thing. Wish me luck! 🙂

On Thursday I attended my first cycling class and I did really well. I have always been curious about it but never given it a shot. I am very glad I did. Although my butt did hurt the next day and during the first 15 minutes of class 😳 I am sticking with it.

This week I promised myself to diversify my exercise schedule. Although I failed to add swimming and running as I initially intended, I still managed to switch it up adding a yoga and cycling class. I look forward to adding other options next week.

Yesterday I attended the KGB Klash. I really wasn’t sure what I was expecting from a bodybuilding competition and was surprised at the number of women competing. Way more than men. I was in awe of what the human body can do… at any age. I initially thought that I would feel terrible about myself (I know, something I must work on), but the opposite happened. I walked out super inspired. And I mean… how could I not? Check out these amazing athletes:

Today I bought my first-ever wearable device. After careful consideration I decided on the Fitbit Charge HR. I’ll start using it tomorrow and look forward to reporting back on what I learn next week.

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 7.11.38 PM

Overall it was a pretty good week exercise and experience-wise. Food, again, was not on point. I am having a hard time eating what I plan to eat. I hope that next week is better.

Weekly Words of Wisdom
I am sure that I have shared this before but it’s always a good reminder.

new year blog pic3

As always, thanks for visiting.

PS. Bloggers… it’s almost April and with April comes the A to Z challenge. Care to join?



  1. I am a fellow liberal, non-religious Southern girl and I actually met my husband on okcupid, so it is possible (though difficult) to find like-minded people! That’s awesome that you are putting yourself out there!

    And thanks for mentioning the A to Z challenge — I am seriously considering trying that out!

    1. YAY! Thanks for that. I love success stories! And I hope you join in the challenge… it’s tough but I made great bloggy friends last year and can’t wait to do it again.

  2. I am inspired by how hard you work towards your wellness goals. I’m interested to hear the Fitbit report.
    Also, congrats on venturing into the online dating world. It requires a shift in perspective to open yourself up like that and you have to try before you succeed. Plus whatever happens, you’ll meet some people that will help you understand better what you’re looking for and what you’re not.

  3. Fellow Liberal, fellow Fitbiter here. Hubby has The Charge, I have the One. I’ve had mine a year, couldn’t decide between it and the Flex at the time. The Charge gives him alot more steps then I get with the One. Even when we’re walking hand in hand, side by side, going the same distance. That’s a bit frustrating. But, having a device sure makes you more aware of how much you’re moving or sitting! Good luck with the dating thing. Hubby and I will celebrate 43 years this June.

    Out blog walking, gearing up for the a-z challenge, always fun to connect with other bloggers.

    1. Thanks for the info…I have noticed that I sometimes seemed to have gotten a lot of steps and it doesn’t seem right so I am not relying too much on its accuracy but it does give me an idea of how much I have been moving… or not. So that’s good, as you mentioned. April should be fun!

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