Sunday Summary: Taking a step back

Hello peeps! I’m starting this weekly post the way I usually end it: with my weekly words of wisdom. I’m starting there because these words best explain what happened to me this week and explain why I’m taking a step back and what that means.

OK… here we go
Weekly Words of Wisdom

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 5.52.02 PM

Last week I was elated with newness… I was looking forward to my experiences with online dating, using my new fitbit, diversifying my exercise routine, and just getting out there and trying new things.

On Tuesday as I was coming back from the gym, a 20-year-old kid ran a red light and totaled my car.

Yeah… that happened.

Thankfully, the airbags kept me safe but pretty much everything else fell through the cracks of the crash. My dates had to be cancelled, my exercise routine stalled, meetings had to be rescheduled, others missed… and now I have a check with which I really can’t buy the same car I once had (which I loved) and a big question on what I should do next.

OK… some context… my job can be done from anywhere and I have been where I am because it was comfortable but now with no car, the money from said car has opened a possibility to relocate to a place where I don’t really need one. Should I go? Should I stay? Well, that is the question. 

A question for which I do not have an answer…

… yet.

Anywho, on better news I did manage to use the fitbit. I have not used the food tracking system yet but I am planning to start tomorrow. Hopefully it sticks. It is not something I like to do. I did keep it on while I slept a couple of times this week and it says that my sleep efficiency is at 94% which I believe is good. What I have really enjoyed it how it keeps track of my exercise.

Check this out! Here’s a summary of this week’s exercise plan. Friday and Sunday were rest days. I did not wear the fitbit all day every day.

Screen shot 2015-03-22 at 5.37.00 PM

I know that these numbers may not be super accurate but they do help me see the difference in burn among instructors. So I’m going to be favoring some instructors based on the results I see.

So far, I am loving my new toy. I can’t wait to get the Fitbit Aria (thank you VISA).

Fellow Fitbit Users, FRIEND ME.

On not so great news, today marked the end of Round #2 on Dietbet. I am so off it is not even funny. I went up 3 pounds this month which puts me back in the 170s. This is getting very very old! I now have 30 days to drop 18.7 pounds (my best month ever has been 9 pounds). I am not feeling confident but I want to give it my all. I am adding running/walking to my morning routine and I hope that food tracking keeps me more honest and less likely to cheat. Here’s hoping for the best.

As always thank you for your support!

PS. I am trying not to plan too far ahead and just let life be for a while.
PPS. Fellow bloggers, don’t forget April’s A to Z challenge.



  1. I never use the food tracking part of my Fitbit app because it doesn’t have a Canada version. The closest I can get is USA but the food brands and nutritional information is so different that the food database Fitbit created for the States is useless to those of us up here in Canada, sigh. Other than that flaw I love my Fitbit! I wear it pretty much all the time, except for when I am showering or charging it, it has gotten to the point I feel naked without it, which might not be the healthiest thing but oh well lol 🙂

    1. I think I’m getting there. I’m actually enjoying the food tracking quite a lot. It makes me think twice about what I’m about to eat. Have you tried it lately? I am able to load using the barcode and when it’s not in the database it gives me the option to submit the product so it can be added. It may have more options now.

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