Sunday Summary: The Color Run

Hello peeps! With Spring in the air my allergies are acting up. No fun! I trust that you’re having better luck. In any case… no stinking allergy was going to keep me away from sticking to my New Year’s Resolution to run a 5K every month and therefore starting a race bib collection. So yesterday I woke up early and joined my friends for a morning full of fun at The Color Run.


Although my time suffered, I still managed to have a great time and get a good burn. My team and I got there early and took a brisk walk through the park to warm up a bit. It was chilly. Then we warmed up for real doing about 40 minutes of zumba. I fueled with a breakfast smoothie of almond milk, banana, and blackberries; then snacked at the park on a KIND bar, then had salted caramel GU Energy Gel right before the run… I ate all this in hopes of not cramping throughout the race. And I believed it worked because I made it through. I realize that I need to run with my water bottle because by the time I reached the water station I was very dehydrated. So next time… I’m running with water.

After the run we stayed a bit longer to get more color on us and settle down. We were pretty high on life. It was so much fun. Around five in the afternoon I was crashing and not surprisingly slept like a baby.

IMG_4145FitBit Update – This week I started logging my food intake and I have to admit that it’s been easier than I thought it would be. In the last six days (Monday through Saturday) I was on point on my calories two days, under my calories one day, and over my calories three days. I see that I have much to learn but I also see how this is going to help. The goal for next week is to be on target at least half the week.

Exercise-wise I did pretty well. I believe I have really reached a point where I just crave it so it is not a struggle. Since I have had to stay home (remember, car accident… no car), I have discovered some great exercise routines on YouTube. My favorite is a ~40 minutes Cardio Kickboxing workout that helps me burn around 350 calories and adds over 4000 steps to my daily step count. Amazeballs!

Here’s my workout report card for the last six days (Friday and today were rest days):


That’s it peeps! That was my week… that, and talking to insurance companies, and working from home. Honestly… I can’t really complain.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


Thanks for visiting peeps!

PS. Special thanks to the bloggers participating in April's A to Z Challenge for visiting and commenting. I can't wait to get started although I still need a title for H, K, L, U, Y, and Z. The theme? On a weight-loss journey. 😀


  1. Congrats on the run. Getting dehydrated before you reach to the station tells me you prob need to drink more water before the race. Before I go to the gym or go running, I try to drink a bottle of water about an hour before and one right before the workout. I worry about dehydration too.
    And I’m going to check out that challenge. Looks fun.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I may have to try drinking more water before the race. It also started mid-morning and it was pretty sunny so no wonder I got thirsty fast. The AtoZ challenge is great. I hope you join.

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