“A” is for April

AAnd just like that we begin this year’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge. This challenge, which started in 2010, dares bloggers to write nearly every day in April (Sundays are free). And to up the bar, the challenge dares us to do it thematically. This, however, is encouraged but not enforced. We are also encouraged to visit each others blogs which is a great way to grow the tribe and make new friends. I successfully completed this challenge last year and I very much hope to be able to do it again.

So… “A” is for April. Spring is finally here which also means “hello allergies.” But I am not letting that slow me down. Heading into the second trimester of this year, I’ll continue to work towards my 2015 resolutions. This week I will earn my fourth race bib at my local Y’s Bunny Hop 5K. Next week I will be visiting friends (resolution #7) in Washington DC and I may even try to complete #10 too (something from my Confidence Bucket List)

This month I’ll continue to blog about weight loss, dieting, exercise, and related topics. I will also keep all my regular posts like Sunday Summary and What I Read Tuesday. Since I’ll be blogging daily, I will try to keep all posts under 300 words this month. That will be a challenge of its own.

April’s [blog-worthy] Highlights

  • April 4th – Bunny Hop 5K
  • April 8-12 – Visit friends in Washington DC
  • April 21 – Dietbet Update
  • April 28 – What I Read Tuesday (WIRT)
  • April, 5;12;19; & 26 – Sunday Summary


  1. I can’t wait to read the rest of your posts this month. I just started my new blog and I’m always looking for more along the same lines… I haven’t really started Dietbet yet, so I can’t wait to read about your update!

  2. Good luck with accomplishing your goals. Weight loss is part of my existence. I work hard to stay in shape. I must say, after the winter I have some weight to lose. I love Zumba, too. See you on the Twitter.

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