“C” is for Consistency

CHere’s what I have to say about consistency. It’s overrated! 😆

Yes, being consistent with your workouts and healthy eating habits will definitely help you lose weight but you can also consistently do well Monday through Friday and then eat everything in sight on the weekend and consistently get stuck.

There has to be a better word… also starting with C. How about Common Sense… OK, that’s two; but you get what I mean.

I find, when talking with people about weight loss, that most of us have a pretty good idea of what we should be doing but aren’t. Most of us have pretty good common sense and know that eating an apple with peanut butter is probably a much better snack than eating one serving of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream with apple pie.

In the desert there is no sign that says, Thou shalt not eat stones.” – Sufi Proverb

Common Sense peeps! Use it. It’s good for you.


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