“F” is for Family & Friends

FEvery time in the past that I had tried to lose weight I have tried to do it stealthily. I would fantasize about how cool it would be to shock people with my amazing results. This never happened. I would lose 10 pounds in a couple of weeks on a fad diet and no-one would notice and then I would reward myself with food and before I knew it I had gained it all back and then some.

This happened a lot!

So, again, when I started my latest… and ongoing journey I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to share. Since I had moved to a new city and had so few friends around I had to actively share online for them to know. However, I was close to my mom who would be seeing me everyday so she was aware of my efforts and incredibly supportive and that made a huge difference. She was willing to learn with me. And would push me to the gym, invite me to the park, and share healthy recipes and meals. Although my family lives overseas, many were still very supportive. Family rules!

My friends also made a huge difference. Both the old and new ones. My old friends commented on my progress pictures, food posts, and send me the occasional private message to congratulate me on my progress. My new friends don’t pick on me for not drinking alcohol or choosing healthy (or even not so healthy) food items when we’re out. My gym friends keep me accountable and we check on each other when we miss a gym day. And my bloggy friends keep me inspired in more ways than one. Many many thanks to all of you, my friends. 

Although it is true that some friends and some family members may not offer the support that you need, I still recommend that you go public with whatever project or journey you embark. Find your tribe and hold on tight. It will be a worthy ride.




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