“G” is for Greyhound

… the bus, not the dog.

 Greetings from The Capitol peeps! Last night at 2:00 am I embarked on my first bus trip. It was an 11-hour trip with three stops. Although I was nervous at the beginning of the journey, the experience has been great and has opened a whole new set of possibilities.

Here are my 10 tips for bus travel:

  1. Bring a travel pillow (or a regular one) and a blanket.
  2. The space under the seats is bigger than it looks. Take advantage of that.
  3. There are electric plugs on the bus. Keep your battery fully charged.
  4. Stretch during stops. Take advantage of the layovers to stretch and walk a little.
  5. Bring healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. And plenty of water.
  6. If your listening to music, a book, or podcast make sure to use earphones and keep them at a resonable volume. 
  7. Be friendly. It’s ok to plug yourself out of the world but be a good neighbor and user. Make eye-contact with the people you encounter, especially the staff.
  8. Take off your shoes (but no smelly feet please). 
  9. Bring tissue and hand sanitizer. Although I found the bathrooms in above average shape, it’s better to be prepared.
  10. Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride. It’s not going to be super comfortable but if you do your part you’ll meet some great people, hear some great stories, and maybe even help someone along the way. 

This is how I looked after 11 hours of travel with little sleep. Not bad I think. 




  1. Hey there, visiting from the A to Z Challenge. I clicked on your blog because of the title–I lost 25 pounds doing Weight Watchers 14 years ago, and have kept most of them off most of the time. Good luck with your journey–via Greyhound and in all other ways, too!


  2. Another A to Z-er here. Your post brought back memories of my university days when I had to take the long bus ride home for vacations. Your tips are spot-on.

  3. My longest bus trip so far was last August when we drive from New York to Wisconsin. Great tips. Especially being prepared with water and snacks. You never know how long until the next rest stop.

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