“J” “K” & “L” are for Just Kidding Lads

Hello peeps! I’m back. What a busy last three days I’ve had; so busy that I was seriously considering bowing out of the A to Z Challenge. Just kidding lads, just kidding. 

I must say that I have dropped my entire life. I’m off script, diet, exercise, schedule, EVERYTHING!

I had an amazing time in Washington DC but that visit really set me back. So tomorrow I return to my regular schedule: exercising, eating well, making plans, and writing.

I hope you forgive my slip up and allow this post to grant me re-entrance to the challenge.

Sometimes giving up is an option… just kidding lads… quitting is never an option. (Unless you’re a serial killer)



  1. That reminds me of the old saying, “Just be yourself.” But what if you’re a serial killer? Sometimes, “it’s all good” doesn’t cut it. Welcome back to the challenge.

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