“M” is for Momentum


1. PHYSICS: the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
2. the impetus gained by a moving object.
“the vehicle gained momentum as the road dipped.”

Honestly peeps! I’m having a hard time getting my momentum back. It is so easy to fall into bad habits and so hard building the good ones back up.

As of today, I haven’t been in the gym for over a week… A WEEK! Although I was able to fit a workout last wednesday and I did walk, in average, six miles every day while running errands and visiting friends in Washington DC, I am having a hard time finding the motivation to drag myself to the gym tonight. I am a bit ashamed to admit it.

Hopefully I’ll get over it later today. I know that once I set foot in the gym I’ll feel better, and I also know that getting back will motivate me to cook healthy food and not crave the bad stuff so much.

I realize that I was severely spoiled on my mini vacay and that I cannot forget that I still have work to do. Here’s to getting my momentum back! 

Food for Thought

“The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” – Frances E. Willard



  1. Not shameful at all. My workout buddy went to Maryland last week and I haven’t been to the gym since she left. On Sunday, I swam for an hour and did an hour spin bike but other than that, I’ve just walked a lot.
    Every day is different. Just do what you can!

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