Sunday Summary: Mother’s Day

File May 10, 5 53 50 PMHello peeps!

Check out my mom and me (circa “let’s not go there”). Aren’t we cute! 😀 She is the boss of my life and since I have no kids of my own and no siblings to share her with… well… let’s just say that our relationship never gets boring.

On that note, Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there who put their needs on hold to meet the ones of others. Mothers are great at that and I know a few that while not being moms they sure are mothers so happy day to you too.

My mom got an iPhone that is proving to be great for her but not so great for me. 😆 I also took her to her favorite breakfast spot, Le Peep, which here in the south serves the best (according to her) grits ever! Alas, this was not enough and she’s also made me promise to try JJ Smith’s 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. We start tomorrow. Wish me luck!

File May 10, 5 54 12 PMOn other news, I ran/walked my fifth 5K of the year (one of my resolutions is to run one 5K every month). For the first time I had to walk some of it because I did not train at all this past month so I definitely need to start training again if I want to do better next month. I’m still pretty proud of myself for completing it and sticking to the plan.

Weekly Words of Wisdom
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And have a fantastic week.


Hello May

IMG_4501Happy May Day peeps, and welcome to my birthday month. 😀

There are a lot of birthdays in my family this month, including my own (on the 30th) so May has always been a little extra special. The nice weather also helps.

In any case, summer is right around the corner so lots of pool (and maybe beach) time is coming near and I can’t wait to get into my bathing suits. Here are some other events I’m looking forward to this month…

May the fun begin:

5demayoCinco de Mayo is an important date in my household but not because of Mexico’s Batalla de Puebla but because it’s my mom’s birthday. We don’t really do big celebrations but this year I am planning to learn to make Drunken Noodles, her latest favorite dish.

15GITPGet in the Pink! I’ll be earning my fifth race bib of the year on Saturday May 9th. Although I am not looking forward to the early start, I am happy to participate in a local event that also supports a local charity that raises money and resources to assist and support breast cancer patients from diagnosis to remission.

safe_imageI am not doing too well on my current Dietbet and therefore I have given few updates but I have a plan for this month so rain or shine I’ll be posting an honest update on May 21 or 22. I don’t know where I am going to be. I hope it’s a better place than where I am now but we’ll have to put in the work and then see. Wish me luck!

And then there’s May 30th… my birthday 😀

Sunday Summary: Rainy Run

Hello peeps! I had a pretty interesting week. High on the yuck scale I woke up Wednesday to some pain in my mouth that turned out to be a gum infection. Thankfully I found an amazing dentist that was able to take care of the problem right away and I got a good teeth cleaning for good measure. I’m still on antibiotics but I was able to run on Saturday so it’s all good.


My Saturday 5K was met with rain and I was utterly unprepared for it. Nevertheless, my time was better than last week but that had probably more to do with the path which was much flatter this time around.


Once I got home I did some research on how to perform better during a rainy run. Here’s what I wish I had known/done better:

  1. Dress in layers – The cotton shirt got really heavy once I was completely soaked. I should have known better. Had I paid attention to the weather report I would have chosen to wear different fabric.
  2. Wear a hat – The rain mixed with my sweat which got into my eyes and mouth. YUCK!
  3. Wear the right shoe – My Vibram Five Fingers were still dirty from last week’s Color Run so I decided to take my New Balance which don’t have the same traction and although I did not fall or skid at all, the road was slippery and a little scary. Choose carefully.

For more great tips for running in the rain click here.

On other news I’ve been really relaxed with my diet this week. I did not track at all but I did eat less and much healthier than previous weeks. I also exercised a little less but still managed to clock around five hours of activity.

Weekly Words of Wisdom


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