“P” is for Progress

PHello peeps! Last year, I wrote about being stuck in a plateau. At the time I wrote about lack of progress but now I know better and have learned not to measure my progress in terms of pounds. I’ve learned that not losing weight and being stuck in a plateau does not mean I am not making progress.

I have learned that progress happens in many ways. On my weight loss journey, I’ve discovered these awesome things called non-scale victories (or NSV) that many times are much more fulfilling than seeing the number on the scale change.

Here are my top FIVE progress moments (all NSV):

  1. Taste Change – Mornings when I crave a smoothie and mealtimes when I crave a hearty salad.
  2. Dropping Sizes – Reducing inches is way more rewarding. Sometimes the weight won’t change but I can feel my body changing in amazing ways.
  3. Perfecting Form – That moment I saw myself in the gym mirror and realized that my squat looked amazing.
  4. Reaching New Heights – The sound of Nike+ saying “your goal is in sight” 😀 Crossing the finish line of a 5K run, and realizing I should increase the weights I’m lifting.
  5. Feeling Great – Just having more energy to work hard and play harder. I am still caught off guard from time to time doing something I couldn’t or wouldn’t do before.

So, whatever you are up to peeps don’t get lost in only looking at the final destination but take time to celebrate all the little bits that make it happen; in other words, enjoy the journey.